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    Dolemite For President 11x17 Poster
    Dolemite For President 11x17 Poster & CD


    In 1959, comedian Rudy Ray Moore released his first album, "Below The Belt." Fifty years and over 30 albums later, Warrior Records celebrates his extensive comedic career with "50 Years Of Cussing," a retrospective GREATEST HITS package which contains a classic performance from each of Rudy's albums, over 30 tracks, including:

    "Dolemite" - "Signifying Monkey" - "The Streaker" - "Kruschev" - "The Fashion Show" - "Flys Of The Watermelon" - "The Player" - "Sensuous Black Woman" - "Sweet Peter Jeter" - "The Great Pretender" - Close Encounters Of The Sex Kind" - "Merry Christmas Baby" - "Period" - "Campaign Speech" - Blackorcist" - "My Dumb Brother" - "Hot Nuts" - "Sonnet To My Idol" - "So Glad I Could Come" - "Romeo & Juliet" - "Hurts Me To My Heart" - "Driveway Blues" - "Only Here For A Little While" - "Rappin' Rudy" - PLUS introductions by comedian Rodney Perry, Snoop Dogg, unreleased bonus tracks and more!!!

    50 Years Of Cussing (CD)
    Download from Itunes $9.99
    Dolemite For President (CD Special Edition)
    21st Century Dolemite
    Download from Itunes $9.99
    Black Dolemite (Soundtrack)
    Download from Itunes $9.99
    Dolemite Explosion (Soundtrack)
    Download from Itunes $7.92
    Hully Gully Fever
    Download from Itunes $9.99
    Raw, Rude, and Real
    Download from Itunes $9.90
    Rudy Ray Moore and Friends
    Download from Itunes $9.99
    The Dirty Dozens: House Party
    Download from Itunes $9.99
    The Genius Of Rudy Ray Moore
    Download from Itunes $9.99
    The Hip Shakin' Papa
    Download from Itunes $9.90

    For more information about Rudy Ray Moore visit:

    check out Rudy Ray Moore
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    If you have any questions, you may contact: info at warriorrecords dot com

    or by mail to:

    Warrior Records
    c/o Rudy Ray Moore
    7095 Hollywood Blvd., #826
    Hollywood, CA 90028 USA

    about Rudy Ray Moore

    Hailed as the king of the party record and the world’s greatest X-rated stand up comedian, Rudy Ray Moore should be no stranger to the mainstream community. Excerpts of his comic recordings have been sampled by the likes of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eazy-E, Eric B. and Rakim, Ice-T, Big Daddy Kane, 2 Live Crew, ODB, Busta Rhymes, and dozens of other platinum selling rap artists. “The man, the myth, the legend, Rudy Ray Moore...without him there would be no rap community,” comments Snoop Dogg in an interview with Moore.

    Rudy Ray Moore attained cult status as a pioneer of racy inner city and ghetto humor. He has inspired three generations of comics and a whole new generation of rap practitioners. From the late 60's through today, his "party records" have become classics to many nightclub goers and CD buyers. Moore in the 1970's also made his mark in the film world. During the "Blaxploitation" movie era, he produced and starred in seven films as "Human Tornado," "Monkey Hustle," "Petey Wheatstraw," "Disco Godfather," "Penitentiary," "Rude," and most notably, "Dolemite," which became an instant inner city classic.

    Politically incorrect, surely, but Rudy Ray Moore continues to strike a comedic nerve within the stand-up community. Pick up a copy of Rudy's commemorative fifty year greatest hits packged, "50 Years Of Cussing," available now!

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