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Angel South

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About Angel South

Lucien Gondron (professionally known as "Angel South") began his career in Houston, Texas rocking the local night spots. After playing guitar in bands with Janis Joplin, Johnny and Edgar Winter, and B.J. Thomas, was recruited by trumpeter Bill Chase to join his jazz/rock band, "Chase," as the featured guitarist. Bill Chase dubbed the guitarist with his stage name, "Angel South." Patti South, Angel's wife, recalled Chase's reasoning, "He goes, 'We can't have you named Lucien Gondron. You're an angel and you're from the South, so from now on you're Angel South.'" South played so well that many articles were written about his outlandish performances.

Angel's contributions to the band helped in the creation of two albums on Columbia Records, the winning of a Grammy, and live performances around the world, including at Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, New York City's Central Park, and the Hollywood Bowl.

After most of the members of "Chase" were killed in an airplane crash, Angel ventured out as a solo artist. South's solo album "Swamp Doggy Dog" on Warrior Records went to #1 on the Blues Chart, and topped the playlists of college and alternative radio stations across the country. South's knack for the outrageous won him an unusual popularity with songs like "Heart Shaped Butt" and "Ain't That The Schitz."

"My brand of blues can get a little crazy at times," said Angel. "It's not for those with weak hearts!"

The soft-spoken guitarist was honored when John Lee Hooker and his daughter, Zakiya Hooker, who were recording one of her albums, decided to cover two of South's songs on the release: "Drownin' In Your Love" and "Receipt For Playin' The Blues."

South passed away in 2001, after a two-year battle with cancer.

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