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1. Do you accept demos / are you currently signing bands?

Yes. Please refer to the contact section of our site for submission guidelines.

2. Are you affiliated with a major?

Yes, but not for every release. Each product released is tailored to the level of that given artist. Not all acts are ready for major label distribution. As such, Warrior releases some products via Universal Music Distribution, other products via MNRK Music Group, and even some regionally through various one-stops and other independent outlets.

3. Do you also sell your products online, and if so, through which retailers?

In addition to our web site, Warrior products are available through all digital outlets, including iTunes / Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, and dozens of others, as well as through traditional mail order internet retailers including BestBuy.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, etc.

4. I am a label and I want distribution. Will you distribute my record(s)?

Possibly. Warrior distributes products through all major U.S. chains, Mass Merchants, One Stops, and mom & pop outlets. We also run an independent marketing company (K.I.S.S. Marketing & Promotions) which has promoted music for Interscope, Columbia, and many other labels. We do some sub-distribution deals, but there are many criteria that music be met by the prospective distributed label. If you are funded and need a quality distribution outlet, please feel free to compile a package with finished albums (include a past & upcoming release schedule), marketing, promotion, touring information, past Soundscan and/or verifiable sales information, company information, and either email it to info (at) warrior records dot com or ship it to the address that follows. Your package will be reviewed and you will be notified whether or not it is something that we may be interested in looking at further. Mail to:

Warrior Records
c/o Jim Ervin * Distribution Inquiry
7095 Hollywood Blvd., #826
Hollywood, CA 90028

*** If emailing, all of the above information needs to be included as PDFs, links to Dropbox, etc., and the subject line should read "Jim Ervin * Distribution Inquiry."

5. I have a zine. Who do I contact about ads and records to review?

Print and Web Press, please contact promotions (at) warriorrecords dot com. It helps a lot if you send an actual copy/link of your zine initially! The address to send print samples to is Warrior Records, 7095 Hollywood Blvd., #826, Hollywood, CA 90028. Make sure to send us a detailed description of your zine, including circulation, genres of music covered, and territorial coverage.

6. Who do I contact about promotional CDs?

Write to jimmy.hodges (at) warriorrecords dot com and include all pertinent information regarding your station.

7. I want to intern for Warrior, how do I go about that?

Warrior is currently interviewing interns. If you are interested in applying, please forward your resume with all pertinent contact information, including available days and times to info (at) warriorrecords dot com.

8. Does Warrior have street teams?

Yes. Warrior utilizes street teams in over 30 markets nationwide. We are always looking to work with active and innovative street teams for both our label and promotion company. If you are a responsible individual and we do not have someone in your area, you may be the person we are seeking. Send an inquiry to promotions (at) warriorrecords dot com one of our staff will discuss the details with you.

9. I have other questions not answered here. Who do I talk to?

For any other questions, please contact info (at) warriorrecords dot com