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Charlie Brown

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About Charlie Brown

2020 marked guitarist Charlie Brown’s 50th year in the music business. Shortly after arriving in New York at age nineteen -- a green kid from rural Georgia -- Charlie was hired to be part of the Atlantic Records studio musician staff. He was immediately immersed in being recorded on numerous hit Atlantic artist’s releases. Soon after, he became musical director and lead guitarist for Van Morrison at the peak of his Brown-eyed Girl era, and toured with his band.

Charlie’s talents landed him the lead guitar spot in the most influential Broadway show of its era, Hair, where he performed for an amazing four-year run. While in the show, Brown was signed to compose and record two albums, Up from Georgia and Portrait of a Glad Man. Continued studio work -- including jingles, records, and film scores -- kept him very busy as well.

During his career, Charlie has played on over 1,000 recordings, the list of which reads like a who’s who of the industry. His most cherished work remains the Platinum record on his wall for playing on Barbra Streisand’s hit Song Bird album.

Brown moved out to Los Angeles in 2003 and continued doing what had always been his passion; original recordings. He has released four original CDs, since being on the west coast and is an artist on the Warrior Records label. Charlie's latest release, The Good Old Days, is a mixture of his original compositions, along with favorites from other artists & songwriters who have inspired him over the years like Johnny Cash, Jimmy Reed, Fred Neil, among others. “Stylistically, I recorded this in a Roots/Americana vibe, which has always been a favorite,” noted Charlie. “I hope everyone enjoys it!”

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