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Fraternity Of Man

About Fraternity Of Man

- Elliott Ingber-Guitar
- Larry (Stash) Wagner-Vocals, Harmonica
- Earl Ball-Keyboards
- Red Rhodes-Steel Guitar
- Ira Ingber-Bass
- Grisha Dimant-Guitar
- Harry Ravain-Drums
- Sandy Nelson-Percussion
- Producer-Matthew Katz
- Engineers-Richard Kaplan, Chuck Johnson
- Mastering-Richard Kaplan, Chris Bellman/Bernie Grundman

Matthew Katz Productions, behind the scenes pied piper of the love generation, produced Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape, It's A Beautiful Day, Indian Puddin' and Pipe, Tripsichord, and many others. When you select this record you renew your relation to a family of friends that still can feel beyond the word and sound...keep the heads together!!!...old ones, new ones, the feeling lives!


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