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New Millennium Orchestra

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About New Millennium Orchestra

"A Soldier's Prayer" 15-song album honors the countless Servicemen and Servicewomen that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

"A Soldier's Prayer" (Larry Walker, Tommy Oliver)

One hot desert morning at dawn's early light, while trudging through the sand I found a piece of paper clutched in a young man's hand And upon that paper the words he wrote were not filled with despair Just thoughts from the heart of a brave young lad He called it, "A Soldier's Prayer"

I took the paper from his hand and read it aloud

Will there be a place in heaven for a person such as me Who through youth and the love for life, isn't all you'd have me be I've been a man but a short time now and I'll ask you this, if I might Isn't fighting for freedom's cause a fight that's always right

The men I've killed, some things I've done are not things I've wanted to do But a job I believe had to be done by we who believe in you I had those thought upon my mind when I heard that deadly sound Then all around me, one by one, my friends fell to the ground

Somehow I knew before it hit, fear ran up my spine I felt the blast tearing my side, I knew this one was mine There'll be much grief for love ones at home when they learn that I am dead Please ease their pain and let them know these things that I have said

Time's run out, I can feel death's sting, oh God please hear my plea Let there be a place in heaven for a person such as me Lord, this is the chaplain, I'm here with this lad, our country's given the finest it had We who are older and have studied your word know this boy's prayer is more than just heard

It is answered with your love and the promise that there'll be A special place in heaven for a person such as he


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