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Selwyn Brown

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About Selwyn Brown

"Celebrating Black History" marks Selwyn Brown's debut single release as a solo artist, featuring Pulse Beat and the children of BCH.

Selwyn is renowned as a founding member, keyboardist, singer, songwriter, producer, and workshop director of reggae artist, Steel Pulse. Born in London to parents Simeon and Dezrene who migrated from Jamaica, Brown moved to Birmingham in the early 1960s. With Steel Pulse, Selwyn composed the following hits: Babylon Makes The Rules, Don't Be Afraid, Melting Pot, Love This Reggae Music, Stay With The Rhythm, Soul of my Soul, and co-writer of House of Love.

Over the years, Brown has collaborated with numerous artists and musicians on various projects. One of his current projects is Pulse Beat, a Steel Pulse tribute band co-managed with former Steel Pulse founding member and iconic drummer, Steve "Grizzly" Nisbett. Other recent projects include collaborations with Jerry Johnson, Sidney Mills, Wayne "C#" Clarke, Broussai, Easy Star, as well as local Birmingham talent including Josh Brown, Wizi, Derrick Brown (Mommas House Recordings), Cipher Jewels, Jason Taylor/Owen Wilson of TMA (The Movement Army), Donna Sterling and Poppa Biggie.

Recently, Brown composed a song to mark Jamaica's 50th anniversary of Independence: "Jamaica (Land of wood and water)," recorded with Pulse Beat and produced by Louie Brooks. Brown also conducts recording and Reggae History workshops in schools/hospitals/community centers and will be including some of the songs on a children's album.

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