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Warrior Records Presents

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About Warrior Records Presents

This compilation features fourteen slammin' tracks from Warrior Records, some of the HOTTEST up and coming talent in Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul:

Tragic "Lil Mama"
Born in Durham, NC, and raised on the unforgiving streets of Atlanta, Trigic has seen more triumph and tragedy than most.

C-Champ "Finger Snap"
This twenty-year-old hip hop prodigy from Atlanta makes beats and rhymes that embody all that is great about the south.

Da One Irie B "Take Off Your Clothes"
Seasoning his dancehall grooves with Reggaeton, R&B, and Hip-Hop flavors, Da One Irie B is bringing his island flavor to the streets of the dirty south.

J-Rome "Hold On To Me"
Experienced singer/songwriter, J-Rome is bringing a new sound to Nu-Soul, touring with gospel and soul groups in Florida, New York, and Europe.

Kudzu "Chigy Ya"
A regular performer on the NOPI National Supershow, Kudzu has already performed to crowds in excess of 100,000.

5ive Ft Giant "Let 'Em Know"
Collaborating with artists such as E-40 and Outlawz, 5ive Ft has a reuptation for himself as both a hip hop aficionado and an unapologetic storyteller of life on the streets.

D-Black "Eye On Shorty"
He has developed an open-minded sensibility to his music thanks to experiences growing up in one of America's most culterally diverse cities, New Orleans.

Mr. Marcus "Parking Lot Pimpin"
Marcus Sharp is both a Hip Hop artist and a music businessman, creating his brand of ultra smooth R&B.

D Mac "Weekend"
Damon Macon's tracks are as fast and furious as the renowned Indy 500 of his home state. He is paving the way for urban-flavored talent in the Midwest.

QD "It's U"
QD has forged a successful solo path for himself in the clubs of Miami, rapping about the great extremes in live.

Lil Razor "The New D-Game"
Raised on the streets of New Orleans, Lil Razor was discovered by Hip Hop aficionados, the Bally Boys in 2002.

Dello "Push"
He is making a name for himself as one of the south's most-distinguished male solo acts, honing the complex textures and raw, distinctive beats that make his sound unique.

Joya Life "Make U Cry"
Joya has taken it upon herself to change the face of modern music by combining the smooth grooves of R&B, the edginess of rock, along with the textured complexity of classical music.

Michael Hushon "Love Doesn't Live Here"
An Atlanta native, Michael combines the sounds of neo-soul and classic R&B, lead by a pwerful voice and seemingly limitless vocal range.

Executive Producers: Jim Ervin for L.A. Entertainment, Inc., Patrick Kirkland, Keith Walker

A&R Direction: Jim Ervin, Patrick Kirkland, Keith Walker, Randy Jackson

Cover Art: Clay Adams

Artwork: Courtney Wachs

Mastering: Brian Newman


If you have any questions, you may contact: info (at) warriorrecords dot com

or by mail to:

Warrior Records
7095 Hollywood Blvd., #826
Hollywood, CA 90028 USA

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